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3 new ways to shop online easily

eCommerce has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years, which has changed the way people shop. We bring you 3 new ways to easily buy online.

These new forms have gained popularity in recent months and will no doubt continue to be used in 2022.

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Online shopping is an extremely popular method today, therefore, there are more and more ways to purchase products through the internet.

All these changes have caused the eCommerce experience to reach a point that previously seemed unimaginable.

Ways to buy online: eCommerce growth last year

Although eCommerce has grown a lot in recent years, it is no secret that the pandemic has helped consumers prefer to shop online.

A clear example is that, during 2020, 5 out of 10 companies saw their internet sales double.

In this same year, 39% of the population of Mexico made purchases online, which means a 30% increase compared to 2017. And although many contact restrictions were eliminated in 2021, people still like to make purchases online.

As there is a growing taste for online shopping, companies are looking for different ways to offer their products on the internet, which is why below we bring you 3 new ways to buy online.

Social Commerce

For some years many people have used Facebook to advertise products and sell them to their friends.

Although this form of sale continues to exist, the different social networks have worked to make their platforms better prepared for advertisers.

An example of Social Commerce is Facebook, which recently created the online store tool.

In this way, businesses can create a store within their Facebook page, in which users can see the product catalog, as well as the prices of each of these.

If you decide to buy a product, the online store redirects you to the website, where you can complete your purchase.

VIVIPOST products are ideal for Universities that have a high flow of information and/or receive a high number of packages.

Voice commerce

The emergence of different voice commands has facilitated the way we use our cell phones or our computer, including the way we make our purchases.

Using voice commands to shop isn’t just about asking Siri or Google to find the best burger joints.

There are some other tools, such as Google Duplex, an assistant that not only helps you find store hours, but is also designed to make phone calls.

This way you can call a store without actually having to use your voice.

Contactless deliveries

When making an online purchase, consumers seek to have as little contact as possible with the delivery person, either for reasons of time or health (COVID-19).

This has caused logistics companies to look for different ways to please their customers. Being the most popular contactless deliveries lately.

The trend is that everything is done virtually, so in certain cases it is no longer even necessary to be at home to receive your order.

One example is the VIVIPOST lockers, with which the delivery is 100% without interaction with the courier and you can pick up your order up to days after it has arrived at the VIVILOCK locker.

3 new ways to shop online | Greater convenience when shopping

All these new ways of shopping online do nothing more than help the buying process and make the delivery of goods more efficient and more convenient for the end user.

All these new advantages make online shopping more dynamic and build confidence in new users.

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