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4 steps to use the VIVIPOST metal locker correctly

The VIVIPOST metal locker is a product that was created with the aim of using technology to make home deliveries more efficient. In this way, different products were created that help you have control of your deliveries.

Being a new product, it is normal for doubts to arise about how to use it, which is why we easily explain in 4 steps how to use VIVIPOST metal lockers correctly.

What is a VIVIPOST metal locker?

VIVIPOST metal lockers are lockers designed to store your merchandise easily and safely. The idea of ​​these lockers is that, when placing an order online, it is not necessary for you to be at home to receive your merchandise.

The VIVIPOST locker has security cameras, instructions for use and also takes screenshots every time an operation is performed. All this so that you are sure that you will be the only person to receive the package.

After making your purchase online, you must follow these simple steps to obtain your merchandise.

1.- You will receive a notification with instructions.

2.- Put your code in the VIVIPOST metal locker.

3.- Type your signature on the screen.

4.- Pick up your package.

Learn everything you need about VIVIPOST in our About Us section.

Step 1: You will receive a notification with instructions

After making your purchases online, you must wait for your order to arrive at the indicated location, so that you can receive a notification from VIVIPOST, indicating that your order is already in the locker.

Upon receiving this notification, you will also receive instructions on how to open the VIVIPOST metal locker. If you can’t pick up your order at that time, don’t worry, your merchandise will be safe in the VIVIPOST locker until you pick it up.

Step 2: Put your code in the VIVIPOST metal locker

Once the notification is received, you can access the VIVIPOST metal locker where your merchandise is located. In the message comes the location of the locker, as well as the information on which is the compartment in which your merchandise is located.

When you arrive at the locker, you will find a screen, which will ask you for the necessary information to be able to open the compartment and collect your merchandise. You will be prompted to enter a code or your VIVI-ID.

Step 3: Type your signature on the screen

As an extra security method, after you have entered the password, you will have to type your signature on the screen. In this way you will have completed all the requirements to open a compartment where your merchandise is located.

Step 4: Pick up your package

Now all you have to do is pick up your package from the VIVIPOST metal locker and enjoy the products you have purchased online.

With these simple steps it is possible to use VIVILOCK and VIVIFRIDGE lockers. As for the MOBILOCK lockers, the procedure is very similar, the only difference is that the MOBILOCK does not have a touch screen, everything is done through the application, which connects directly to the locker via Bluetooth.

Don’t forget to check out our MOBILOCK metal lockers, which can be easily used without the need for internet.

Simplified deliveries

As we have seen, the VIVIPOST metal locker is very easy to use, which makes the goods delivery process quick and efficient. By having the touch screen or the application, you can quickly see what you have to do in order to open the locker and collect your product.

Even if there will be a problem when picking up the product, you should not be alarmed, since VIVIPOST has different ways for you to communicate with them, explain the situation and they can solve the problem.

It is essential to insure your packages, as they may contain sensitive and personal content. We will be posting more information about it on our blog.

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