All of an experience when receiving packages and documents in a completely safe environment inside the university.


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No more lost or stolen packages. 24/7 pickup for students, resulting in increased satisfaction.

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Equip your property with infrastructure in preparation for the growth of e-commerce and the volume of packages.

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Increase the attractiveness and aesthetics of university facilities.

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Increased staff efficiency by automating the package delivery and collection process.



Order online and collect directly on campus, you can have your packages available 7 days a week at any time.

Students are consumers of e-commerce. Provide your students with a safe method of picking up packages delivered to your college campus.

We offer a complete solution for your property: hardware, software, installation and technical support.



Customized branding on locker surface, production and installation.

Our smart lockers are secured with a complete monitoring system including surveillance cameras that track each transaction.

VIVIPOST secures each package and provides a seamleass user experience for employees and customers.

Security cameras

15 ``touch screen, friendly and intuitive interface

1D and 2D Scanner for QR code

Front camera for captures of captures by transaction

Speaker for alarms and notifications

24/7 video surveillance with motion detector




Rapid product launch


Project management from start to finish


Contact our sales team to learn more about our pricing


Always on client support through phone, e-mail, and chat


24/7 Locker security surveillance and automated notification


On-site and remote maintenance of locker hardware and software



View real time locker status and details of every transaction

Secure user notifications through e-mail and SMS

Customizable locker interface and processes

Mobile Application for easy and contactless operation



How do the carriers know where to put the packages inside the lockers?

Follow the guide in the touchscreen. Scan the package, enter recipient information, then enter the locker size and the door will automatically open.

If the carrier is responsible for the placement of the package in the locker how do you get them onboard/trained with the process?

It is the responsibility of the building administration to onboard carriers. We provide the property with flyers and other materials to help instruct the carriers.

How is the recipient list updated and maintained in the locker system?

Each users registers in our system and is their information is stored in our database.

How do I access reporting about the locker usage?

VIVIPOST provides a dashboard including real-time metrics and tools to monitor system and status.

Are reminders sent to customers if they have not picked up their item?

Yes, a reminder is automatically sent daily until the customer picks up their package.

What is required for on-site installation?

VIVIPOST lockers require a 110v electrical connection and an Ethernet line.

Can I customize the locker?

Our lockers are fully customizable. Colors, compartments, and quantity are customized for each client.

What involvement will your company have post installation?

VIVIPOST will continue to help you use the system, after installation is complete. With our support contract, we will provide support for carriers, residents and the property via phone, remote monitoring and email.

What is your warranty?

5 years if monthly service account is current. Customer support, hardware repairs and software upgrades are provided. Our warranty excludes damage resulting from excessive wear & tear, vandalism and severe weather conditions.

Does associates or tenants pay to use the locker system?

Each property has the option to incorporate fees for transactions. Our system allows users to add a credit card and manage payments all on our dashboard.

What kind of training and ongoing support is provided for my staff on the program and locker system?

Our Account managers will work with your on-site staff to train them on the functionality of the system, how to load and retrieve packages as well as basic trouble-shooting. We will provide ongoing support for your staff as needed.

Can I custom wrap the locker to include my logo or branding?

Yes, provide VIVIPOST with the image and we can custom wrap the locker.



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