VIVISUITE is a collection of software and computing platforms used to operate and manage our locker systems. With VIVISUITE, our users will have access to an admin panel to view main indicators of locker use. Our dashboard allows you to view and measure package turnover, locker metrics, and all transactional history.

Web Application

A user friendly dashboard for clients to give user access. Users can view pickup information and see all locker transactions.

Locker Screen Application

Customizable touch-screen application with a quick and easy user interface allowing couriers and end users to operate the system.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application allows users to view and be guided to the precise location of locker access points.


Our applications are available to connect to any existing IT infrastructure, providing complete integration from our locker to the clients system.



Group 2a

Quick and easy implementation

Our software features ready to use applications that launch each project quickly without extensive development and integration.


Full customization

We customize our software placing an importance on the user experience of clients and their customers.

Group 4a

Remote monitoring

Through our surveillance cameras and automated system monitoring, we assure that our lockers are functional and suitable for operation.

Group 6a

Continuous updates

We work closely with clients to continuously develop features improving the functionality and increasing profitability of each project.



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    Recipient Signature
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    Overhead Surveillance camera to view each delivery and pickup activity
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    Screenshot of delivery courier and pickup recipient
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    Date and time of package delivery and pickup
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    Usage metrics


Using our unique ID system, retailer and property delivery personnel can find users easily limiting errors when inputing information.
01 step

User/Customer signs up on VIVIPOST.COM, verifying their contact information.

02 step

They use is ID along with their name when purchasing online and for all other package deliveries.

03 step

They use this ID along with their name when purchasing online and for all other package deliveries.

04 step

The delivery courier/employee uses the VIVI-ID to find a user in the locker system.

05 step

Once the delivery is complete, a notification is delivered to the user with pickup instructions.




VIVIPOST provides integration to all our current applications, administration panel and database.


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    Available Locker ID and address.
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    Real time updates of the locker hardware.
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    Precise coordinates of the locker (latitude, longitude).
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    Total available / occupied compartments in each locker.
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    Available / occupied compartments by size.
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    Active package detection from infrared sensors.
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    Reports and usage metrics.

Standalone Hardware

Our clients can choose to have full control and flexibility creating their own user experience, management software and server administration.

VIVIPOST only provides connectivity to the locker hardware.

Basic commands:

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    Open locker compartment.
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    See the status of the locker.
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    Take surveillance photos and videos with our IP cameras.
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    Activation of the barcode reader.
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    Speaker connectivity.



User chooses to deliver an order or package.

User verification to access locker.

User scans shipping/order label.

User finds recipient or enters recipient data.

User selects correct locker size.

The package is placed inside the compartment.


The user receives a unique pickup code or QR Code by e-mail/SMS.

Recipient chooses to receive a package.

User approaches the locker and enters the code.

If signature is required, they will sign for the package.

The compartment door open and the recipient can collect their package.

User receives successful pickup notification.



Coming Soon

Through access to the VIVIPOST APP, users can see all the transactional data of lockers and their packages.

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    See availability of lockers in real time and GPS integration for operators.
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    Users can register with VIVIPOST to access the control panel to view the entire transaction history of the package.
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    See access codes for collection and proof of delivery.
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    Users can open the locker compartment from a mobile device.
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